Children are our spiritual Teachers

This is an article I wrote for Mothering Magazine, around 2001, published in the May/June 2004 issue.

  • Date: May/June 2004
  • Magazine: Mothering
  • Project Type: Freelance Writing, Article Writing, Essay Writing,Personal Essays, Body/Mind/Spirit.

About this Project

Wow, it’s been a long time. I wrote this article (which I originally titled Diapers and Dojos) back when I had just recently left work as a therapist (for the first time) to stay home with my kids and was struggling to try to meditate, parent, and stay sane. It was eventually published in a collection called Your Children Will Raise You, subsequently titled Finding Your Inner Mama.

My daughter, who I wrote about in the article is a grown woman and working as a labor and delivery nurse herself. That makes me feel old. One should note that is NOT her in the picture here — this is the photo that was with the article. My daughter banned me from writing about her as a teen (but maybe you’re fair game as an adult?)

I’ve struggled a lot over the years, had parenting challenges I never expected, but I still think what I wrote about in the article holds true — parenting is practice (though I’ve had plenty of failures both at meditation practice and parenting.

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