Pacific Northwest and Beyond

My pet projects: a blog about both travel and the PNW.

About this Project

 Right now, this blog is my pet project. I’m probably shooting myself in the foot saying this on this, my web design and freelance writing website, but it seems this is what I really want to do.

Pacific Northwest and Beyond went through a series of iterations. It started out as a blog called Poulsbozo because I have the tendency to think up silly blog names on the spur of the moment. At the time it consisted of one post: a humorous (I thought) rant about someone who writes to the newspaper complaining that Vikings never actually wore horned helmets. True — but they’re fun!

However, I was working full time and while I had big ideas and multiple things I ached to do with the blog, I didn’t have time to devote to it. But I kept it in place to work on in the future.

I finally quit my full time job because of family needs but it also opened my time up to be able to travel more and write. I spent much time at first on this blog — too much time, in fact. I renamed it Flâneuseurie. While I still like the word, it’s not an easy word for a blog title and implied some things I enjoy but can’t  live up to enough: hanging out, walking in cities, people watching. And while my heart aches to travel, I can’t do it all the time and still be there for the people I love.

And I realized I love my home. the Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place. Though I grew up here (in Seattle) I grew up with older parents who didn’t go too many places, didn’t camp and it was not until recently that I realized my  catchphrase of “I love NOT camping” isn’t true.  I haven’t explored around here enough vs the rest of the world. So I’m writing about both. I’m finally getting around to writing about those recent adventures abroad as well as adventures closer to home, local events, and more.  




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