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Seemingly small changes can make a big difference with ease of navigating or updating a site. This was a small project I did voluntarily for this little Zendo that needed a few changes to their existing site.  You can read more about it below.

About this Project

This was a volunteer project I took on in 2013 when I was actively involved in this group. The existing site was using a very old theme that did not support custom menus or other newer (at the time) features in WordPress. I sensed some reluctance to make big changes so I upgraded the theme and menus, and some of the graphics (adding a few images of my own — the three photos on the front of the moss-covered Buddha, the Zendo interior, and the gate), but tried to preserve the greyscale look of the original site and much of the original menu structure and added a schedule/calendar (but please note that I have not been in charge of maintaining this website for some time).

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