Not a resolution…but a plan.

Dec 27, 2018 | Updates | 0 comments

A new year is coming up, new years seem like a good time for new beginnings, and many to most of us make some sort of resolutions to start the year. I hear that Strava has determined that January 12 is “Quitter’s Day” — the day most of us will give up on those resolutions. So I’m not calling my plans for the New Year resolutions, just plans.

I’ve also heard that you shouldn’t tell people when you have a goal, because you’re less likely to achieve that goal.  But I’m going to ignore that advice here and let you know what I have in store for this site and for my business in the upcoming year.

Aside from my personal blogs, which are something I just can’t quit (If I do, I’ll just start them again), my main focus is on this site and on my web design business, along with some freelance writing thrown in the mix. I’m focused on serving new clients as well as working on materials to better support my existing clients. I plan to start posting tutorials here with the goal of helping clients have resources to manage their website with improved ease, though I’m here to help as needed as well. I’ve debated whether to do this as part of a client portal on the site, but have decided to create blog posts — if you have a site I’ve created, you might start to find a few new links in your dashboard panel beginning in January with tutorials specific to your site.

In addition to that, I plan to start writing some very basic WordPress tutorials — written in a, ummm…lighter tone on one of my personal blogs. You’ll hear more about that when I get there and I may share those posts here as well.

In addition to that addition, I may start adding some of my own post templates or stock photos (I realize that right now this site is a Pexel-haven but I can and do take my own photos…I just wanted to get this site up and running quickly and free stock photos can be very handy when you need something in a pinch — maybe a blog post for the future.) and items to an online shop.  We shall see.

I’m looking forward to a productive 2019.


Cheryl Dimof

Cheryl Dimof

Webmistress, CJC

I started out intending to do freelance writing but then realized I loved web design just as much…so I do both, as well as writing on my own blogs.

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